Yesterday I asked readers to give me a title for a blog and I would write on it. A friend gave me the word “PACE” so here I go.

The first thing that I think of when I see the word PACE is an awesome organization that I had the opportunity to work with while doing an internship.  The name of the organization is PACE Center for Girls and the work that they do is outstanding. It was an awesome opportunity to work with some great co-workers and meet some very talented and gifted young women.  I had the pleasure of being able to interact with the girls on a daily basis during the school week. One of the greatest experiences was organizing a talent show that the young ladies did. I was so impressed by all of the talent that they displayed and it was a day that I will never forget. If you are looking for a great organization to support with either time or money,  I would highly recommend them. Here is the link to check them out:

The word “pace” also reminded me of the term “set the pace” and that means to lead the way in doing or achieving something. Your pace is your manner of walking or running. If you are a runner or walker, you understand the importance of “pace” especially if you are a competitive runner.  If you are a competitive runner, you want to set the pace so that others will have to run faster to be able to catch up with you but your goal is to keep up the pace or even pick up the pace so that you are the one who finishes first.

If you are a leader, you lead by example and go before to set the pace for others to follow. If you are a true leader, you enjoy seeing others pick up their pace and the best thing that can happen is to be outdone by those whom you were leading because that means that you have been a great example and have taught them well.  The greatest compliment a leader can have is to have a person or people whom they have led exceed what they have done. If you are a good parent, you want your children to succeed and excel to the point of doing even better than what you have done in your life. That is why we try to teach our children about our experiences so they can learn and possibly avoid some of the pitfalls we have experienced. They do not always listen but we share with them anyway in order to help them.

I have seen some great leaders and I have seen some not-so-great leaders. Some are threatened by the success of others and that is sad. King Saul in the Bible was one of those.  He loved David until he became jealous and then he wanted to kill David and tried many times. Read 1 Samuel 18 and keep reading past that to see the whole story.

The question for all of us is…

Are we setting the pace and leading by example so that others will learn, pick up the pace and finish well?


Patricia Styers



Author: giventhanksministry

My desire is to serve the Lord and people and to show them the great love that the Lord has for them. I want to be able to encourage others to know, love and serve the Lord.

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