God spoke to me many years ago and told me about five things that will kill us spiritually so I thought I would share them with you. We all need to examine our hearts and lives and make sure that we are not allowing these killers in our lives. They are ANGER, HATRED, UNFORGIVENESS, BITTERNESS and RESENTMENT. Are you allowing any of these dangerous killers in your life?



Reach Out

Share a kind word, smile, or random act of kindness with someone! You never know how that may impact someone and change their day or even their LIFE! Make it a point to open your eyes, ears, and hearts to others. There are hurting people all around us who need someone to just notice and care. Will you be someone that notices and cares? There are so many people who feel like they are in a glass bubble. They can see people around them but don’t feel like they belong or that anyone cares. They feel invisible to those around them, sometimes even if they know the other people. Reach out beyond your group of friends to other people. There are cliques EVERYWHERE and that is sad. There are people who need someone to reach out to them. There are way too many lonely people in the world who just need someone to show them that they care and acknowledge them.

Be IN the Game

I shared this on Facebook one year ago and thought I would share it on my blog as well.

Today I was talking to a co-worker and the subject of softball and baseball came up. She said that she does not watch it or care for it. I said I don’t usually care about watching it but I love being in the game because it’s different if you are IN the game. Immediately I realized that there is something profound in that statement because in life and in our walk with the Lord, we should not just be spectators but participants! We NEED to get IN the game! That will make all the difference! Are you passively just observing or are you actively participating? If you are a Christian, get into the position where God has called you to be and do your part to help your team (other Christians). We need each other in order to function as the Lord intended. You have gifts to share so don’t sit on the bleachers or sidelines but get IN the game!


Attitude can make ALL of the difference between having a good experience or a bad one! When you talk to someone, even on the phone, your attitude can set the mood for the whole interaction! Even if you are talking to someone who cannot see your facial expressions, things can be conveyed through your tone of voice and the words you use. Choose your words carefully and speak the way that you would like to be spoken to if you were on the other end! Kindness and cheerfulness can be contagious so spread that around!

God bless you!

Patricia Styers


Positioning is VERY important! Have you ever tried to do something that you were not called and equipped to do? I had an algebra teacher that definitely KNEW how to do algebra but she did not know how to TEACH what she knew to others! No matter how much time I spent after school talking to her and trying to understand, I did not get it! Later, in college I was blessed to get a few Algebra, College Math and Statistics teachers who KNEW  how to convey their knowledge to others and I got A’s in their classes. What a difference good teachers can make! 

Someone may want to be the quarterback star of a football team but they may not be qualified to do that! They might have some skills but not all the skills that are needed for that position. Maybe they are better suited to a different position on the team or to something entirely different than football. 

I took a job once because I thought it might lead me to the position I really wanted and was trained and qualified to do. It never did! Although I gave everything I could to the position I held and got the job done, I was miserable because I always felt “out of place.”

I have seen some who were trying to be pastors but they were NOT called to do that because they did not have a pastor’s heart for the people in their congregation.  Maybe their real calling was to be in the helps ministry in a supportive role in the church. Some people like titles and that is very important to them. However, if you have a title but are not called to the position, you do yourself, others and even more importantly God, a great disservice.  If you are called to evangelism and you are trying to be a pastor, you are in the wrong position!  

God has blessed all of us with gifts and talents and we are all called for some purpose. We all need to seek the Lord and let Him position us where we need to be so He is glorified! 

Father Knows Best

Does anyone else (besides me) remember the TV show “Father Knows Best”? Okay, so I admit it…I AM old! Back in the day (ever heard that expression before? Well, NOW you have, straight from the lips or slow typing fingers of a genuinely old person) when life was very different, there was a television show called Father Knows Best. 

My question to those of us who are Christians is…do we live like we believe that our Heavenly Father knows best? 

God bless you! 

Patricia Styers

Think On These Things!

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things (Philippians 4:8 KJV).

What are YOU thinking about? We ALL need to ask ourselves if our thoughts meet the criteria in that verse. If not, we need our minds renewed! Renewing of the mind comes by spending time with the Lord and in His Word (the Bible).